With Friendfeed Down, should we…

September 13, 2012 in the site

  • Use a twitter hashtag like #FFLSW or #LSWFF or #TheLSW ?
  • Use the forums here, and feed them into twitter so other people can see some of the conversation?
  • Use a service like Google Plus or Facebook or Diaspora or ???
  • Use some other service?
  • Just wait to see if Friendfeed comes back from the brink?
  • Nevermind.  It looks like Friendfeed might be kinda working again, but maybe we should make some contingency plans.

2 responses to With Friendfeed Down, should we…

  1. Identi.ca? It is the only thing out there that has lots of stability, is quite popular (especially with the tech crowd), and it has groups. Also, we could roll our own network using StatusNet (which Identi.ca uses).

  2. I suggest we panic and not find a solution. It’s more fun!