Help! Previously loving brother cats at war!

November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

SOS to cat behaviorists out there! My friend has a serious issue that we are trying to solve:

3 cats—brothers—born 2008. Never separated. Loving, cuddly, sleep curled together UNTIL early this spring one day all of them were sitting in peace before an open window and suddenly and completely went Bill the Cat Batshit and viciously started all out screaming catfight.  They were separated for 2 wks at recommendation of vet and seemed to forget about it, resumed loving brotherly behavior but THEN 3 mos later 2 were sitting in front of window and again Total Feline Warfare—clawing, screeching, and spraying.  This time it took 3 mos of separation plus application of feline pheromone diffusers in 3rd month. September and October civil relations resumed with cuddly cosleeping.  Yesterday NO window open. Total screeching warfare with clawing and spraying. All have been neutered since kittenhood.

Have any of you guys any insights? WTF is going on? How can it be prevented or stopped?  Massive spraying catfights which taint the environment are not tolerable as an ongoing situation.  They also go off on humans trying to intervene.

2 responses to Help! Previously loving brother cats at war!

  1. we know it is “redirected aggression” but are hoping that some tactic we have not found is going to help…

  2. Have you tried keeping the female cat from walking past/near the window?

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